This license will ensure that Council applicants can use the full features of the In-Site water tool, including the free Council report generation feature. We will ensure that your Council’s climate data and user defaults are set.

We will run a 2 hour introduction to WSUD in planning and building approvals course for Council planners, engineers and the ESD team. This will be backed up by free access to our online training portal.

In addition, we can set up In-Site so that users can send reports to your contact officer directly from the tool.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


InSite provide a simple, clear, fast user interface that guides you through every part of Best Practice IWM (Integrated Water Management) design and compiles it all into a printable report at the end.

InSite Water Produces Reports that may be submitted Directly to Council, supporting both IWM Planning Permit Applications and Building Permit Legal Point of Discharge Applications.

InSite water will work for all Australian Metropolitan Councils (though SA has their own free version).

License period

Monthly, Yearly