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Meet InSite Water

Your partner for easy to use, robust and accurate stormwater design and engineering answers.
InSite guides you through every part of Best Practice IWM (Integrated Water Management) design and compiles it all into a printable Council report.

If you're working on lot scale developments and need compliance with Council stormwater requirements, this software has been designed especially for you.


Provide InSite to applicants in the Council Area




  • All features of the professional license included
  • Free use of the tool and report priting for all applicants in your Council area
  • A 2 hour introduction to WSUD in planning and building approvals course for Council planners, engineers and ESD team
  • Your Council’s climate data and user defaults are set
  • Free access to our online training portal

What you get with InSite Licenses

Priority Support

Through your license you will get priority support for any questions or problems you have when creating your projects

Unlimited Cloud Space

Through your license you will get priority support for any questions or problems you have when creating your projects

Exclusive Content

Gain access to additional engineering tools and our free training page which gives you more in depth run downs on how to use InSite to your advantage.

Free Reporting

Unlimited use of the professional reports function to be able to generate high quality reports to Councils

Email Updates

We will keep you updated with what changes we have made to InSite and how they affect your projects, while also showing you how to make the most of them.

Peace of Mind

You can rest assured that you will be able to access InSite no matter if you're in the office, out and about, or working from home. 

InSite Testimonials

"InSite makes my work easier"

"InSite is a complete and comprehensive modelling package providing sustainable options for meeting Local Authorities detention and Storm Score requirements for development sites.

InSite makes my work easier because it is a simple to follow modelling package with two main steps involved (site details and modelling inputs) and the outputs summary makes checking of consultants' drainage inputs fairly easy.

I have constantly promoted InSite Water as it is a comprehensive modelling package that provides options for providing detention. It’s a complete package for Sustainable Water tank Detention, addresses OSD4 requirements for storage and flow rate and provides a STORM quality score which means it’s an all in one package. There is no need to have separate packages for OSD4, Melbourne Water STORM score and a water tanks solution package."

Joe Cusmano

Sustainable Development Engineer - Knox City Council


"The best thing about InSite is the level of detail that can be modelled."

"The 4 key Integrated Water Management (IWM) areas are broken down into their own sections, and the ability to make informed decisions and design choices from this information is invaluable.

InSite’s wide range of scale and building functions has helped alleviate a lot of the guessing, without needing to be on site, or waiting for building managers to come back with plans or setups. Another equally important feature, is InSite’s function of predicting rainfall yield within a location. This saves a lot of manual calculations and time.

InSite is a fantastic tool for engineers and consultants that design small scale systems for rainwater harvesting, that covers the 4 main IWM areas requested by councils. The level of detail and information provided is very valuable compared to the small fee charged for a professional license. Further, for the subscribing councils, it is a huge advantage for applicant engineers to make as many reports as required, without paying anything themselves."

Lachlan Gadd

Smart Tank Project Engineer - Kingspan Water & Energy Pty Limited


"This kind of approach is the way forward for stormwater management"

"This is a common sense approach to site stormwater management. It is the way forward for consistent and positive outcomes for all parties.

Insite combines stormwater quantity and quality into the one package making the interplay between the 2 outcomes easy to manipulate.

I would recommend Insite to all Councils as the first step in overcoming the confusing and often contradictory approaches Council's have to site stormwater management.

Ray Walsh

Civil Engineer - Rapawa Civil Services


"I wish you could persuade more Councils to get on board with InSite"

"InSite is an easy program to use for residential developments.

Obtaining an equivalent Storm score for multi unit developments using InSite is usually simpler and also cheaper for construction costs.

I would recommend every council get on board and make InSite a standard option alongside STORM and MUSIC. Having more tools to achieve the same goal would be great."

Steve Jury

Civil Engineer - SJG Associates


Why we made InSite

Made for everyone

  • Web based interface that is easy to access and use for novice and professionals
  • Used by Planners, Developers, Builders, ESD consultants and Drainage Engineers
  • Quick and accurate design answers
  • Low cost, all inclusive plans for professionals and Councils
  • Constant updates and upgrades based on industry expectations and changes

Council supported

  • Saving clients money and reducing portable water use
  • Creating greener and cooler urban environments with high visual amenity
  • Reducing flood risk and damage to properties
  • Extending the useful life of existing Council stormwater infrastructure
  • Used by Councils to create best practice outcomes, making sure that approvals meet flooding, Integrated Water Management and ESD standards

What we offer

  • Water efficiency targets for appliances and fixtures (WELS Rating)
  • Water treatment targets for Bioretention basins/Raingardens as well as Green Roofs and Tree Pits
  • Flow reduction targets for Detention Tank Sizing
  • Volume Reduction Targets for Rainwater Tank Water Retention and Pervious Paving Infiltration
  • We also donate 10% of profits to Water Aid – helping to deliver clean water projects around the world.

Credibility and Assurance

InSite Incorporates relevant Australian stormwater standards and the Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guide (ARR 2019) into calculations coupled with industry Best Practice Guidelines and Policies from Government Authorities*.

Significant direct input and consultation from leading experts and stakeholders including Melbourne Water, Water Sensitive South Australia, Stormwater Australia, RMIT University and The University of South Australia.

*See introduction page for more details


Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 days

If, for any reason, the InSite program doesn't live up to your expectation, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. This will then revert you back to our free trial option. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they will help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Do I need to download and install InSite?

No, InSite software works entirely in the cloud - just log in and get going.

What are my payment options?

To purchase a License please use one of the below payment options. Payment is by credit card or by EFT bank transfer.

Please contact us if you need a proposal and payment by invoice.

We use PayPal as our secure payment processor - so all payments are fully encrypted and we do not see or store any credit card details.

How do InSite licenses work?

If you use InSite regularly for work or you are a council officer you will need to purchase a professional license.
Licences provide access to training and support, and allow unlimited use of InSite's report printing.

You can still use InSite for free if you are working in the local government area of a Council with a license.

Is training available?

Yes, we provide in person and online training through downloadable content, live webinars, courses and seminars.

Who developed InSite?

InSite Water was developed by Organica Engineering, with help and support from: Manningham Council, Stormwater Victoria, Afflux Consulting, UniSA, Melbourne Water and Water Sensitive SA.

What are the features compared to other software?

InSite offers a brad range of features so that you can get your site stormwater design right the first time with one piece of software. The following shows InSite compared to OSD4 and STORM calculators.

Does InSite use the Swinburne Method for OSD tank sizing?

InSite provides an option of Swinburne Method or the rational method (Boyd's triangular hydrograph equation) for sizing On Site Detention (OSD) tanks.

What council areas does the software cover?

The software has built in data for most of Australia's urban Councils.  If your Council is not included or you would like us to set up for and international area please contact us.

Please note that South Australia has developed their own localised version of InSite available here.

What are the limits of the software?

InSite is optimised for single lots up to about 10,000m2 in size.  It is not suitable for designing large subdivisions or for detailed suburb scale drain design and flood modelling.

Does the software incorporate AR&R 2019?

The software is based on the Source Control and volume management recommendations of the Australian Rainfall and Runoff Guide 2019 book 9 - the Urban Chapter.

Can I save my work?

Yes, you can save your projects online in the website and come back to edit them later