InSite Training

The Aim of InSite Training

Many Councils have a vision of improving sustainable water management within the municipality. Stormwater goals include improving the water quality in waterways, increasing the performance and service life of existing stormwater systems, reducing flooding issues and increasing drought resilience.

Organica Engineering can offer our services to Councils to run internal and public workshops for InSite with the focus on integrating development WSUD measures into the building and planning approvals. Join over 10 other councils that are reaching their stormwater goals.

Intro to InSite

Making sure that your entire team is well versed in the InSite program, what it offers and how it can be tailored will help hem to create cohesive projects


Our workshops make sure that staff are leaving with real world scenarios and tools to help them take what they have learned and efficiently use it

Best Practice

Learning the InSite program is only half of creating an effective project, the other half is learning how to use Best Practices to make the right decisions


Every Council will have different goals and desires, this means that we can tailor the program to your needs and deliver this to council employees


Learning to protect drainage infrastructure, living rivers and waterways as part of an integrated WSUD Strategy to improve water management goals


Training can provide knowledge of more effective on-ground implementation of initiatives in development and redevelopment sites. 

What's Included

One 2 hour training session

 - One 2 Hour In-House Introduction to WSUD in planning and building approvals course for Council planners, engineers and the ESD team

 - A One Year Council License included in training cost

Up to two half day sessions

- Two half day introductions to Integrated Water Management in planning and building approvals

 - A guideline, WSUD legislation and technology update sessions for Council staff.  

 - A short, customised user guide for the Council to put on their website outlining any specific Council requirements

 - A One Year Council License included in training cost

Training Outcomes

Training will aim to assist Council’s environmental planner to map out and draw together the different areas of WSUD into one integrated approvals process that includes all internal stakeholders, leading to a more streamlined process for applicants, and more effective on-ground implementation of initiatives in development and redevelopment sites.

Creating better WSUD outcomes during the planning application process allows engineering to deliver peak flow attenuation as well as volume reduction and improved water quality outcomes. Peak flow attenuation reduces the need for expensive, unpopular and disruptive stormwater drainage asset upgrades.

The overall aim of training is to help protect drainage infrastructure and deliver living rivers and waterways as part of an integrated WSUD Strategy.

Often there is a need to run workshops and training to inform developers on the different opportunities for incorporating WSUD into their development applications and what current obligations they have under Planning Scheme provisions.

Features for Victorian Councils:

The recent changes to stormwater planning policy and legislation in Victoria give new powers and responsibilities to Council to ensure that re-development in the Municipality incorporates on-lot Integrated Water Management principles. Work is required by Council to address these new planning and environmental law changes that were introduced in October 2018.

Many drainage assets are overburdened by redevelopment and increases in impervious areas.  Reducing stormwater volumes through requiring on-lot stormwater measures help to protect Council Assets such as existing drains, as well as improving water quality in our urban creeks and rivers.

InSite Water helps with addressing Councils’ ESD and IWM Requirements

  • Facilitates generation of Legal Point of Discharge applications including sizing On-Site Detention tanks.
  • Facilitates an efficient Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Permit (SDAPP) process between Developer and Council supporting Sustainable Design Assessments (SDAs) and Sustainability Management Plans (SMPs).
  • Works as a plugin to BESS for calculating Water and Stormwater Categories and Points.
  • Aligns with Integrated Water Management Victorian Planning Provisions (VPPs) and Environmental and Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) Policies in Councils’ Municipal Strategic Statements (MSS) and Local Planning Policies (LPP).