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What is InSite Water

InSite Water is a leading integrated water management and stormwater assessment tool, specifically crafted for small-scale development sites (less than 6.5 hectares) across Australia. We understand the need for swift, accurate stormwater design solutions. Our software ensures stormwater standards are met with accuracy and speed, paving the way for swift approvals.

Users can seamlessly optimise integrated design strategies to effectively manage stormwater runoff, when assessed against flood control, volume reduction, and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) policy. The software provides clear guidance on meeting Council performance criteria. User selectable stormwater criteria and design elements can track and report on compliance for most Local Council as well as Green Star requirements.

Tailored for civil engineers, ESD consultants and developers, our impartial engineering approach ensures best-in-class guidance, leading to best practices for sustainable, resilient, water-sensitive urban environments. With InSite Water, revolutionise your approach to stormwater design, ensuring both efficiency and compliance.

Rainwater Tanks

Volume management reduces runoff volume, downstream flooding and helps restore stream flows. InSite water will help optimise the size of rainwater retention tanks and water infiltration pits.

Detention Tanks

Stormwater flow reduction (detention) protects existing Council stormwater assets that are nearing capacity or already overcapacity. InSite Water will help you size stormwater detention tanks to meet Council requirements.

Stormwater Quality

Improving stormwater runoff quality improves the health of our rivers and coastal areas. We help you design Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) treatments for smaller sites including: raingardens, infiltration, bioswales, swales and green roofs

Water Efficiency

InSite Water helps you specify water efficiency for your project to save money on bills and to increase your project’s drought resilience. This includes appropriate use of rainwater and water efficient appliances.

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Why Choose InSite?

InSite Water is designed and maintained by the team at Organica Engineering, an independent engineering consultancy specialising in Integrated Water Management and other sustainability opportunities. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

The InSite tool has been developed by partnering with other organisations. We are especially grateful for the support of Manningham Council, Knox Council, The City of Greater Dandenong, Water Sensitive SA, and Melbourne Water.

The InSite methodology is based on Book 9 of the ARR 2019. This as it is considered the primary guidance text for urban stormwater design the stormwater industry as recommended by Engineers Australia.

InSite Water aims to provide a way of undertaking the engineering calculations required by book 9 (the Urban Chapter) of the 2019 ARR, including providing the calculations and targets for relatively new concepts such as source control and volume management, while still providing calculations for more established methodologies like sizing a detention tank and measuring stormwater quality improvements in a system’s design.

Professional Solutions

Solutions for Civil and Environmental Engineers, ESD Consultants and Building Design Professionals. We help you to quickly create lot scale stormwater designs that meet Council and Water Authority requirements.

Complete Council Solutions

We work with Councils to help simplify the stormwater approvals process for both applicants and for Council officers. Our software covers both engineering and environmental aspects of stormwater.

Water and Planning Authorities

We can customise the tool to meet your local conditions and policy objectives. Whether it's water saving for drought resilience, flood prevention, or environmental protection controls, we can provide a mechanism for the building industry to demonstrate compliance.

Academic and Home Users

InSite Water has inbuilt training on designing stormwater systems to meet flood prevention guidelines and environmental outcomes. We support a free report for students and home users to learn about Integrated Water Management.

Our Approach

Continued Improvement

We, with the help of InSites users, are able to constantly update and upgrade InSite to reflect changes to industry standards.

This means that you can always be sure that your calculation methodology is up to date and your projects for small scale development are meeting the criteria in multiple areas.

Asset Longevity

The team at InSite wants to make sure that we are extending the useful life of existing council stormwater infrastructure. 

We believe that working with what we have, and that protecting existing drainage systems and conserving water is extremely important. Projects using this tool reduce their burden on existing drainage and water supply systems by creating effective Integrated Water Management Solutions.

Environmental Impacts

The environment impact that we can have through water management is not insignificant. Making sure that we are creating greener and cooler urban environments is extremely important in making sure that our environmental footprint is minimal.

We share the big missions of creating healthy streams and waterways, protecting aquatic life and of keeping our beaches swimmable.

Helping the Client

InSite is able to help clarify how stormwater standards apply to your project, reducing the time it takes to receive approvals, and improving the design outcomes.
The building occupant also benefits by saving money and reducing portable water use, where rainwater is applied to fit-for-purpose practices, such as in toilets, hot water, laundry washing and garden irrigation.

InSite Water is designed and maintained by the team at Organica Engineering. We are an independent engineering consultancy specialising in partnering with other organisations on Integrated Water Management and other sustainability opportunities. We are based in Melbourne, Australia.

We would like to thank the following people and councils for their advice and technical support:

Manningham CouncilKnox Council and Melbourne Water.
Melissa Bradley – Water Sensitive SA, Andrew Allan – Stormwater Australia, Dr Peter Coombes – Urban Water Cycle Solutions, Professor John Argue AO – University of South Australia, Baden Myers – University of South Australia, Chris Beardshaw – Afflux consulting, Edmund Horun – RMIT University, Micah Pendergast – Melbourne Water