PROFESSIONAL LICENSE (One year license – does not automatically renew)


One year license – does not automatically renew

This subscription allows unlimited use of the professional reports function to be able to submit high quality reports to Councils.



Allows access to professional report printing for submitting reports to any Council.

InSite provide a simple, clear, fast user interface that guides you through every part of Best Practice IWM (Integrated Water Management) design and compiles it all into a printable report at the end.

When you register to use InSite Water you can:

  • Create and save as many projects as you like
  • Work on projects, then save them to continue at a later date
  • Use In-Site’s calculations to help you work out your stormwater treatment types and sizes, and to size your stormwater detention and/or retention tanks, and optimise rainwater tanks.
  • Calculate your equivalent STORM score
  • Get an immediate answer on whether your design meets ‘best practice’ standards