$200.00 for 1 year

This subscription allows unlimited use of the professional reports function to be able to submit high quality reports to Councils.

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Allows access to professional report printing for submitting reports to any Council (Automatically renews each year until cancelled).

InSite provide a simple, clear, fast user interface that guides you through every part of Best Practice IWM (Integrated Water Management) design and compiles it all into a printable report at the end.

When you register to use InSite Water you can:

  • Create and save as many projects as you like
  • Work on projects, then save them to continue at a later date
  • Use In-Site’s calculations to help you work out your stormwater treatment types and sizes, and to size your stormwater detention and/or retention tanks, and optimise rainwater tanks.
  • Calculate your equivalent STORM score
  • Get an immediate answer on whether your design meets ‘best practice’ standards