October 7


Stormwater Australia certifies the first SQID in the Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Process (SQIDEP)

By orgeng

October 7, 2020

Stormwater Australia, after many years of diligent work and consultation, has released the first product to have passed the full assessment of Stormwater Quality Improvement Device Evaluation Protocol (SQIDEP). The device – the SPELBasin has passed the full assessment under the Body of Evidence Pathway (BOE) of the SQIDEP. 

BoE Pathway3
Image Courtesy of Stormwater Australia

The process included assessment by two peer industry experts and the certification was overseen by the Governance Panel.  The whole process is designed to increase the the transparency and integrity of performance claims for manufactured stormwater treatment devices.  The full Independent Evaluation report has been published on the SQIDEP website.  

We have been busy at InSite Water – integrating the SQIDEP Devices.  We are aiming to make it easier to size and use SQIDs as part of stormwater design.

Simply choose ‘Manufactured Devices’ in the InSite tool as your treatment option and select and size your device.  Sizing is done by matching the nominal flow for the device to the runoff of your impervious area from a 4EY design storm (contact us if you would like the device to be sized to a 1EY storm).

To find out more about the SPELBasin, just click on the image after selecting a SPELBasin in your project the InSite tool, or click here.

If you would like to learn more about stormwater design requirements for individual lots and about the recent upgrades and changes to InSite Water please book into our upcoming live webinar training

For support in using the tool as a private professional or as a Council, please purchase a license

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